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With so many highlights, both near and far, just waiting for you to discover, exploring Brisbane and greater Queensland in a motorhome is one of the best decisions you can make if looking to have the holiday of a lifetime.

Brisbane Airport Campervan Hire Arrivals

Brisbane's campervan rental branches are largely located in Eagle Farm, the suburb immediately adjacent to Brisbane Airport. For those flying into Brisbane Airport to kick off your campervan holiday it's quick and easy to reach your branch via taxi or Uber.

Approximate travel times from Brisbane Airport to Campervan Rental branches:

  • Apollo Motorhomes - Northgate - 10 minutes
  • Britz Campervans - Eagle Farm - 10 minutes
  • Camperman Australia - Eagle Farm - 10 minutes
  • Cruisin Motorhomes - Eagle Farm - 10 minutes
  • GoCheap Campervans - Eagle Farm - 10 minutes
  • Hippie - Northgate - 10 minutes
  • Jucy Rentals - Eagle Farm - 10 minutes
  • Let's Go Motorhomes - Geebung - 15 minutes
  • Maui Motorhomes - Eagle Farm - 10 minutes
  • Maui Elite - Eagle Farm - 10 minutes
  • Mighty Campervans - Eagle Farm - 10 minutes
  • Star RV - Northgate - 10 minutes
  • Travellers Autobarn - Hendra - 10 minutes

FAQs on hiring a Campervan in Brisbane

Which Campervan hire companies are available in Brisbane?

The following Campervan providers can be found in Brisbane; Apollo, Awesome Campers, Britz, Camperman, Cheapa Campa, Cruisin, Go Cheap, Hippie, JUCY, Kangaroo Campervans, Let's Go, Lucky, Maui, Maui Elite, Mighty, Spaceships, Star RV and Travellera Autobarn.

What type of driving license do I need to hire and drive a campervan in Queensland?

Campervans and Motorhomes can be hired and driven in Queensland and elsewhere in Australia on a full unrestricted car license.

When's the best time of year to hire a campervan in Brisbane?

Almost anytime. Queensland is an all year round destination. The northern part of the state is best visited during the Australian winter months whilst the south is popular year round, January and Februry being the wettest months in Brisbane.

Can I hire Campervan in Brisbane with a toilet and shower?

Yes. All 6 berth motorhomes and campervans are equipped with toilet and shower facilities whilst there are 2 and 4 berths vehicles available with and without bathroom options.

Where's the closest petrol station to fill up my campervan before returning it to the hire company in Brisbane??

As most campervan providers are located in or around Eagle Farm, your closest petrol station is the 24 hours Caltex located at 645 Kingsford Smith Drive leading to Brisbane Airport.

Can I pick up a Campervan in Brisbane and drop off in another city?

Yes. One-Way rentals are a common and popular way of hiring a campervan. Depending upon the pick-up and drop-off locations with some providers there may be a one way rental fee.

How much does it cost to rent a campervan in Brisbane?

This will vary on time of year and size of vehicle. Typically the summer months are more expensive. For example a basic 4 berth campervan with toilet and shower hired in January for 7 days will be around $195 a day. The same vehicle booked for July will have a daily rate of $160.

Can I hire a campervan in Brisbane with automatic transmission?

Yes. Most Campervans and Motorhomes are equipped with automatic transmission. Manual vehicles are also available.

Where are the campervan branches located in Brisbane?

  • Apollo, Cheapa Campa, Hippie and Star RV - 733 Nudgee Road in Northgate - 6km from the airport
  • Awesome Campers - 20 Noble Avenue in Northgate - 8km from the aiport
  • Britz, Maui, Maui Elite and Mighty - 21 Industry Court in Eagle Farm - 8km from the airport
  • Camperman - 40 French Street in Eagle Farm - 7km from the airport
  • Cruisin and Go Cheap - 47 French Street in Eagle Farm - 7km from the airport
  • JUCY Rentals - 771 Kingsford Smith Drive in Eagle Farm - 7km from the airport
  • Let's Go Motorhomes - 80 Basalt Street in Geebung - 12km from the airport
  • Travellers Autobarn - 360 Nudgee Road in Hendra - 5km from the airport

How does it take to drive a Campervan from Brisbane to Cairns?

Along the Bruce Highway up the Coral Sea coast the journey takes approximately 20 hours driving and covers 1700km.

What You Need to Know when renting a campervan in Brisbane

Kirra Tourist Park on the Gold Coast

With so many spacious spots for your motorhome hire, you don’t need to fear driving a bigger vehicle

Getting behind the wheel of a motorhome for a driving holiday might seem daunting, but it certainly doesn’t have to be. Even if you’re used to operating a tiny two-door sports car or just haven’t driven an RV before, you can still enjoy the comfort and convenience of accommodation on wheels. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes time to grab motorhome hire in Brisbane.

Get What You Need

One of the best things about campervan rental in Brisbane from DriveNow is that you’ll get so many of the tools you need for a comfortable, convenient on-the-go holiday in one nice package. You already know you’re going to have transportation and accommodation ticked off the list when you get the keys to your motorhome. But that’s just the start. You’ll also get everything from seating to cooking and eating utensils so you can relax and worry about more important things, like where you’re going to make your next amazing holiday memories.

We suggest contacting your supplier to see what exactly is included in your RV hire. You might be able to request a few extras (maybe even for free) that can make your holiday even more carefree.

Relax, You’ll be Fine

We understand that being in control of a bigger vehicle might be a bit of a nervy experience for some. But don’t think you’ll be commanding some monstrous, unwieldy tank. Many of the campervans available online every day from DriveNow’s suppliers are sleeker and handle better than the motorhomes of yore. That means you won’t have to freak out about being behind the wheel of a vehicle that’s bigger than what you’re used to. Caravan sites around Queensland also provide plenty of roomy spaces for rent, so you won’t often find yourself trying to squeeze into tight spaces.

Know the Rules

It can be quite tempting to just pull over whenever you’re ready to stop for the day or night, with accommodation with you at all times in your motorhome. But that’s a bad idea. Stopping in an unmarked area can be both dangerous and illegal, so do yourself a favour and make sure you’re parking in a dedicated place for your RV. And with so many camping spots and tourist parks dotting the top locations around Queensland, you’ll be spoilt for choice and have no reason to get on the wrong side of the law! There are plenty of quality sites that can put you just metres away from the beautiful beaches and stunning rainforests of the region anyway!

Handle the Heat

If you’re going to take full advantage of the beachy locales up and down the coast of Queensland, you’re going to want to try to plan your trip around the summer months taking place from November to February. You’ll be facing temperatures upwards of 40. And, if you’re going to spending time in forested areas, especially up in North Queensland, that humid, tropical climate can be even more daunting. Don’t let these thermometer readings put you off from visiting. Just make sure you’re prepared with the right clothing and sun protection at your disposal during your trip.

Experience the Best of Brisbane on Your RV Holiday

Listen, we know how many magnificent attractions there are within a short drive of Brisbane. But, providing you have the time, it’s wise to not be in too big of a hurry to get too far outside the city limits! Staying within an hour or two of Brisbane for a few days gives you a chance to check out some of the CBD as well as these fantastic highlights, which have no shortage of parking spots for your Brisbane campervan rental!

Tamborine National Park

Located about 80km (50 miles) south of Brisbane, Tamborine National Park is less than an hour away and can give you the escape from city life that you’re looking for. Before you head off on a full-fledged road trip away from the Queensland capital, you might want to consider spending a day or two in this lovely, lush part of the country.

Although state law prohibits camping in the park, there are a few fantastic options for you and your Winnebago hire from Brisbane. Thunderbird Park gives you a chance to set up your caravan hire in a lush rainforest setting, and Tamborine Mountain Caravan and Camping Park can set you up with a spot for your motorhome as well as a spring-fed creek in which you can have a dip if you feel so inclined.

The Scenic Rim

Tamborine Mountain is actually part of a bigger section of Queensland called the Scenic Rim. This inland collection of towns and natural landscapes provides another view of Queensland without too big of a drive from Brisbane. Here you can trek through buzzing forests and dig in to plates of food consisting of delicious locally sourced ingredients.

You can travel through this World Heritage Listed area in comfort and with ease by posting up at one of the many caravan park sites, including but not limited to, Lake Moogerah Caravan Park,Beaudesert Caravan and Tourist Park, and the mouth-watering Flinders Peak Winery.

Bribie Island

Bribie island in Queensland

The modest Bribie Island Bridge is the key that unlocks one of the most stunning parts of Queensland

About an hour’s drive from the Brisbane CBD, Bribie Island provides an alluring taste of the Moreton Bay region and a respite from big city lights. The island atmosphere combines with excellent retail and eating spaces to create an enchanting holiday environment. Drive over the aptly named Bribie Island Bridge across the scenic Pumicestone Passage and make your way toward one of the several caravan-friendly campsites on the island to set up a base for your adventures.

Head North for the Reef and More with Cheap Campervan Hire in Brisbane

When it comes to outdoor adventures, the Great Barrier Reef rarely disappoints

The Great Barrier Reef is one of the most exotic and appealing landmarks in the entire world. Ask just about any traveller about their dream outdoor holiday adventure, and there’s a good chance the Reef won’t be too far from their lips.

Luckily for you, you can take a short drive north from Brisbane, up along the Queensland coast, and find yourself in position to scuba, snorkel, and swim amongst the sea creatures. Here’s some of the best North Queensland has to offer for during your drive.


Although Cairns might be the final destination of your driving tour up north, you’d be doing yourself a disservice if you didn’t make a stop in Townsville on the way.

This North Queensland hub is a gateway to the coast with plenty to offer visitors. The Queens Gardens puts a fun spin on the traditional botanical fare, with quirky, unusual plants native to the region populating its spending walking paths. The Anderson Park Botanic Gardens are other fantastic floral feature of Townsville.

If you want to get off the mainland for a bit, Magnetic Island is an absolute stunner. With its mountainous terrain full of spectacular walking trails, bountiful beaches, and access to the Great Barrier Reef, you certainly won’t be upset you checked out what the locals sometimes call “Maggie.”


The Daintree Rainforest in Far North Queensland

The Daintree Rainforest is a great way to see another side of Queensland

Your trip north is only partially completed when you give Townsville a try. From there you’ll want to keep travelling up the coast to Cairns.

To do so, you’ll travel along the dazzling Great Green Way. This 410km voyage is a wonderful drive that provides plenty of eye candy before you even get to beautiful Cairns. You’ll get long stretches of fantastic views that showcase the varying landscape of the area, including thriving forests and spectacular beaches. Before you reach your destination, think about making a stop at the lovely Mission Beach. Don’t let the name fool you; there are more than 14kms of beachside wonder to enjoy.

Once you finally get to Cairns, you can do everything from relax on the sandy coastlines, explore the phenomenal marine life weaving in and out of the Great Barrier Reef or check out the wonderful shops and restaurants in town.

If you want to extend the trip a bit further, you can make your way to the lively Daintree Rainforest, which sits about two hours north of Cairns. There are multiple caravan park options in which you can stay during your visit, including but not limited to Cape Tribulation Camping and Lync Haven, which put you in the heart of the forest fun.

Cruise the Coast Southward

Once you’ve seen the sites near Brisbane, it’s time to hit the highway and get an eyeful of some of the most beautiful landscapes in all of Australia. With so much space in your motorhome rental, you’ll be able to pack in all the surfboards, snorkelling gear, and outfits you’ll need to make a splash at each stop.

As you’ll soon see, there are plenty of quality spots to hit both north and south of Brissie. Here are a few areas to target in your campervan if you decide you want to make tracks south toward New South Wales.

Gold Coast

Q1 on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast houses amazing nightlife and family fun set amongst a sunny coastal background

Pretty much as soon as you arrive in the Gold Coast, you’ll see why this city hogs so many of the headlines when it comes to Queensland holiday destinations. With a glitzy and glamourous nightlife scene and a collection of beaches that would make most other coastal areas around the world blush, the Gold Coast can provide the backdrop for a variety of holiday styles.

The city is just about an hour’s drive from the Queensland capital, making it a prime target for your motorhome holiday. Hop in your RV hire in Brisbane and head south on the M1 for about 79kms (49 miles) and you’re there. Then it’s up to you to decide if you want to soak up the nightlife of the Surfers Paradise precinct or visit one of the fantastic beachy areas. Relax under the warming sun or splish-splash the hours away in the salty sea at Kirra, Rainbow Bay, North Burleigh, or one of the other amazing beaches in the immediate area.

Gold Coast Campervan Sites

One of the best parts of taking advantage of campervan rental in Brisbane is that you’ll have your home with you wherever you go. And, no matter where you decide to call base in the Gold Coast, that home won’t be too far from the action.

If you’re looking for something on the upper end of the spectrum, it’s hard to go past the Main Beach Tourist Park. The name tells much of the story, as this spot is just across the road from Main Beach toward the northern end of Surfers Paradise. You’ll find a collection of cafes and shopping options within a short walk as well as a quality, patrolled surfing beach nearby.

The Gold Coast is set up well for those who have opted for RV hire in Brisbane, with other tourist parks located beside lovely Kirra Beach, the scenic Broadwater, and the popular Burleigh Heads amongst others.

Kirra Beach Tourist Park puts you near one of the finest beaches in the Gold Coast

If you want something that might be a bit more familiar, the Big 4 Gold Coast Holiday Park provides dependable sites for campervans north of the CBD near Saltwater Creek.

Byron Bay and New South Wales

If you manage to rip yourself away from the beauty of the Gold Coast, you can hop back on the M1 and continue your journey south to the border of Queensland, where it meets it southerly neighbour New South Wales. If you carry on past Point Danger lookout at Tweed Heads, you’ll find yourself in stunning Byron Bay, a beloved holiday destination for those who can sneak away from the office for a few days.

Byron Bay

This laid back spot has undergone plenty of changes in the past decade or so, but none have taken away from the area’s status as a prime vacation destination for those looking to unwind. With choice weather, an emphasis on outdoor activity, and a penchant for promoting healthy living, Byron Bay is an optimal location for a campervan holiday.

Broken Head Holiday Park in Byron Bay NSW

Broken Head Holiday Park is just one of the many popular campervan sites in breathtaking Byron Bay

Despite its modest size, Byron Bay has heaps of quality sites in which you can park and stay in your Brisbane motorhome hire. Suffolk Beachfront Holiday Park puts you just metres from the beach so you can doze off to sleep with the soothing sounds of waves lapping up against the shore. For those looking for views from a different vantage point, Broken Head Holiday Park is situated next to a national park and features wonderful walking trails that take you up above sea level to rock formations for an even better vantage point of the rolling waves. And the North Coast Holiday Parks location at Clarkes Beach situates you close to bushland and a great mix of retailers and restaurants.

With such a prime location complete with an array of excellent eateries and sensational sandy beaches, it’s hard to go wrong when choosing a spot to temporarily call home.


Brisbane to Sydney Pacific Highway

The Pacific Coast Drive from Brisbane to Sydney is definitely not short on outstanding views

Your foray into New South Wales certainly doesn’t have to stop in Byron Bay. With campervan hire in Brisbane, your road tripping is only limited by your imagination and how much leave you have. Continuing down the east coast of Australia all the way to Sydney can bring you to all sorts of tremendous spots, each with their own different flavour.

The famed Pacific Coast Drive from Brisbane down to Sydney covers about 920kms (572 miles). With so many places to stop and enjoy along the way, we recommend giving yourself a good 20 or so days if possible to complete the whole thing. Of course, if you want to stay in Sydney (or anywhere else, for that matter) for an extended period of time, you’ll need to pad that out a little bit.

About 240km past Byron Bay is Coffs Harbour, a delightful addition to the road trip itinerary for those who want a taste of wildlife. This family-friendly town can put you and your fellow travellers face-to-face with dolphins and whales. If you strike out there you can always cheer the kids up with a trip to Big Banana Fun Park (and a visit to the iconic Big Banana).

Continuing down the east coast you’ll hit Port Macquarie and its mix of beaches and beautiful hinterland and the adorable residents of the Koala Hospital; Newcastle, one of the fastest-growing parts of NSW; and the Central Coast, with its collection of small but welcoming towns and coastal areas.

The best part? You can make your own schedule when you have the keys to a motorhome at your disposal. Like what you see on one of your stops? Stay for a few extra days. Ready to get a move on? Quickly pack up your gear and get motoring. The choice is yours when you get camper hire in Brisbane.

Brisbane Campervan Hire summary

Pick-up LocationBrisbane
Campervan TypesEconomy, Compact, Intermediate, SUV, Family/Full, People Mover, Luxury, Convertible, Green, Wagon, Four Wheel Drive
Hire Locations17
Popular AgenciesMaui Elite, Maui, Let’s Go, Star RV, Britz, Apollo, Cruisin, Mighty, Travellers Autobarn, GoCheap, Camperman, Cheapa Campa, Hippie Camper, JUCY Australia, Tasmania Campers, Spaceships Campers
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